Business Intelligence and Strategic Support

Business development and market intelligence for colleges and universities is critical. Informed decisions cannot be made without data on program viability, employment for graduates, and/or student retention.

Edu Alliance gathers intelligence on the marketplace, creating an understanding of the need and future prospects of academic programs, and/or uncovering new market opportunities.  We understand the process, how to gather information, and how to present it in a way that is understandable and spurs implementation and change.

Our work has been done for US, Australian, European and UAE institutions.  Edu Alliance studies have focused on the UAE, GCC, and MENA education sector, identifying student interest, local competition and regional employment trends.  We have conducted research and arranged visits for universities and investors so they can meet the right people and have up-to-date information about both American and overseas markets. Edu Alliance can help you find the information to make an informed decision.

Edu Alliance addresses strategic issues such as, business plans, due diligence review, environmental scan, legal frameworks, operational plans, planning for distressed institutions, and executive recruitment of senior academic and administrative leaders.

We also assist institutions and investment firms who wish to expand outside the US with identification of business partners, regulatory advice, and clearances.

Services include:

  • Business and financial plans
  • Shape Institutional Strategy
  • Create a comprehensive strategy & implantation plan to drive success
  • Institution wide strategic planning
  • Strategic planning facilitation and development
  • Assist Distressed Higher Education Institutions
  • Revenue and enrolment growth strategy
  • Executive search to secure senior academic and administrative members
Higher education marketing and intelligence