Faculty Professional Development

The phrase “faculty professional development” is defined as opportunities for personal enrichment, renewal, growth, change, and continuous improvement. It is for all individuals employed within the College to assure they fulfill the mission, vision, and goals of the institution. It can include organized programs and activities as well as individualized services, including independent/online learning. It should focus on supporting strategic initiatives, reaccreditation efforts, and new curriculum development.

The article “Professional Development in Higher Education: A Model for Meaningful Technology Integration” by Sarah Dysart and Carl Weckerle puts it like this:

The need to assist faculty in developing higher levels of both the technical literacy necessary to select technological tools as well as pedagogical approaches to use those tools effectively to teach is a primary concern in many institutions of higher education. Faculty have a growing interest in incorporating technology into teaching, but many administrators in higher education have concerns that faculty lack the skills necessary to implement e-learning.”

To ensure excellence in teaching,  a robust program of professional development for all employees is essential. It must be designed to respond to the needs of staff, faculty, and administrators, and include innovative programs and presentations. Offerings must be widely accessible to all employees, attentive to learning centered principles, and tied closely to the College’s strategic plan.

Edu Alliance provides expertise in faculty training, instructional design, course development, and assessment for a diverse classroom. We have direct higher education experience in online course development and faculty training.  With the vast array of technology available to educational institutions we can assist in your planning, budgeting, and implementation to allow you to make the best decision for your institution, faculty and students.