When you decide to move towards a new international program strategy, we can help you develop a grounded realistic plan. 

Edu Alliance founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to help burgeoning higher education institutions of southwest Asia connect with institutions everywhere.  And now we have expanded to the United States to help colleges and universities enhance the educational experience they can offer their students.

Being higher education practitioners our partners and advisers understand every aspect of international education, from setting up partnerships to establishing branch campuses to designing curricula to maximize the impact of international education.

Edu Alliance has helped institutions around the world develop and implement strategically aligned plans to expand their footprint and influence. from student recruitment, to alumni support to business and academic partnerships.

Services include:

  • Reviews of institutional internationalization strategies
  • Market Research on transnational higher education initiatives
  • Research of specific institutions or countries
  • Senior leadership and board briefings for international strategic planning

If you’re going to build a program that connects your institution to students throughout the world, you need a partner with an understanding of higher education worldwide. We welcome inquires and will be happy to discuss how Edu Alliance can be of service to your institution.