No Cost Strategy Day

Things that Keep Higher Education Leaders Awake at Night

That is the issue college and university leaders all face daily in 2018. Each higher education institution be it the Middle East, North America, or India is facing challenges revolving around how to make their individual school more successful, competitive, and relevant.

Edu Alliance in response to that question is offering for any sitting institutional president and selected members of their institution, a No Cost Strategy Day. We will facilitate a session where you can talk and listen in an open and frank manner about your institution, its role, and ways to plan a way forward.

Being the President of a higher education institution is a solitary role. We want to help you identify the key issues that must be addressed for you and your institution to move forward. In an open and comfortable atmosphere for one day, you may speak about the issues and the situations that keep you awake.

Edu Alliance partners come from the field of higher education leadership and understand the challenge of leadership.  Our team has decades of higher education experience and we will engage in a conversation to troubleshoot, strategize, and put your institution on the path to success.

Edu Alliance will come for a full-day session to your institution, or meet at a mutually agreed to location. To schedule a Strategy Day, contact:

Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance