Our Approach

When you work with Edu Alliance, we are with you every step of the way.  

The founders and its advisers are higher education practitioners, not theoreticians. From the initial consultation to the deliverables, we work with you to develop solutions specific to your institution. The process ensures an effective partnership.

To begin, we facilitate conversations designed to focus our site visit. We review your materials and data to make sure it’s complete, accurate, and relevant to your decision-making methodology.

The site visit is designed to help us understand your institutional goals as well as your current strategies and practices. At the end of the visit, we take time to discuss our preliminary observations and listen to your feedback.

We pay special attention to your unique goals and opportunities.  This ensures recommendations that you can implement effectively.

We submit a draft written report for your review and input. New information and perspective are incorporated into the final document so you know what needs to be done for your program to succeed.  And then, if you prefer, we’ll continue along in a consulting role, helping you execute and revise your plan as you go.