EDU Alliance Locations


Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Dean Hoke
Managing Director

Dr. Chet Haskell

Edu Alliance United States office located in Indianapolis, Indiana assist American colleges and universities in these rapidly changing times. With the declining number of high school graduates and the need to find new revenues, there is a critical need to re-evaluate the institutional mission and strategy as to how they will go forward in the next decade.

Our U.S. office provides expert consulting services for colleges and universities including institutional planning with a specialty in developing and refining their internalization strategies that includes international market intelligence, academic partnerships, branch campuses, and planning/training for online programs. In addition we provide comprehensive accreditation support services.

Emirates Palace skyline 1200

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Senthil Nathan
Managing Director
(+971) 50 613-0671

Edu Alliance was founded in the UAE as a boutique management consultancy in education to meet niche needs in the fast growing and evolving Persian Gulf region. Most of the universities in that area are less than 10 years old and facing growing pains and challenges.

Dubai is fast emerging as an international education destination that hosts 25 international universities and thousands of international students. Increasing competition and profit pressures are impacting the growth and sustainability of many universities.

Edu Alliance is increasingly called to assist in macro-challenges the higher education industry faces in the UAE and the Gulf region at large.