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Who is Edu Alliance

Edu Alliance is an advisory consulting firm to higher education institutions. Edu Alliance was founded in the United Arab Emirates in 2014 by Dean Hoke and Dr. Senthil Nathan. In 2017 Edu Alliance opened a North American office in Bloomington, Indiana. Our team has assisted over 35 higher education institutions on a variety of projects.  We specialize in market and program evaluation. All our consultants have held senior positions in higher education throughout the world.

Ways We Help

College Deans seeking enrollment growth, new and current program marketing assessment, financial margins, and retention – engage us to analyze their situation and develop strategies to meet their goals.

Admissions teams responsible for growing enrollments worldwide engage us to analyze their current operations and develop successful online and face-to-face strategies.

Chief International Officers engage us to identify new opportunities for collaborations with governments, industries, and universities outside the United States.

Chief Marketing Officers engage us to help review their current marketing campaigns, develop new concepts through our market research, support brand building, and identify partnership opportunities in the US and worldwide.

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Latest News

Edu Alliance launches a new podcast series titled Higher Ed Without Borders. 

Higher Ed Without Borders is dedicated to education professionals worldwide and will be hosted by Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke managing partners for Edu Alliance. Each episode is a conversation with thought leaders that will enlighten and provide some new thoughts on critical issues facing higher education. The series will examine critical issues in higher education including; student mobility, online learning, international partnerships, rankings, recruitment, retention, academic programming, evaluation and analysis, technology, funding and governance, marketing, and institutional reputation.  To see additional details, go to Higher Education Digest who wrote a featured article on the series.


Don Hossler named to Edu Alliance Group Advisory Council: December 5, 2021, by Edu Alliance Journal

Dr Don Hossler, a Senior Scholar at the Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice in the USC Rossier School of Education and Distinguished Provost Professor Emeritus in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Indiana University has been named to the Edu Alliance Group Advisory Council.

Why Should Universities in MENA Region Focus on Market Research?: October 30, 2021, by Dr. Senthil Nathan

The products of universities are young graduates on the cusp of starting their professional careers. Unlike typical businesses, universities do not generally need to take responsibility to market and place their graduates.


Advisory Services

Edu Alliance offers to higher education institutions a wide range of consulting services in:

  • Enrollment Strategy
  • Market Intelligence
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Marketing Assessment
  • Online Enrollment Strategy
  • Workforce Education Solutions
  • Student Success and Retention Strategy
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Executive Coaching

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