The challenges facing domestic and international colleges, universities, and professional schools rarely fit neatly into one category. Each institution is an intricate ecosystem, and our services are set up to intersect and tie together key areas to improve overall effectiveness. Our services can be delivered at a school, campus, or system level. Edu Alliance is dedicated to working alongside our clients from the diagnosis of a challenge to the delivery of the results.

Enrollment Strategy

Our experts have led enrollment divisions for institutions large and small. They develop an enrollment strategy that addresses target populations, funnel gaps, leverages technology and exceeds goals. Our work includes competitive analysis, yield analysis & scholarship strategy, market research & segmentation, and comprehensive recruitment planning.

Market Intelligence

Edu Alliance market analysis gathers intelligence to conduct feasibility studies that assess new and current program demand, student interest, employer interest, occupational projections, and the competitive landscape of other program providers. Our team provides insights and data that help you increase enrollment by identifying effective programs, services, and messaging.

Strategic Planning

Edu Alliance, has been engaged by institutions worldwide to develop and implement strategically aligned plans to expand their footprint and influence. Partner with our team to develop a clear, evidence-based strategic plan that is aligned with the mission and market position of your institution, and that serves the needs of your diverse stakeholders.

Program Marketing Assessment

We will align your institution’s academic portfolio with its mission, brand, and revenue drivers. Our work on proposed or current programs includes market research & segmentation, competitive analysis, rankings assessment & strategy, and business plan creation. Edu Alliance also conducts analysis for accreditation support, strategic options assessment, and more.

Online Enrollment Strategy

Members of our team have been actively involved in launching and expanding online programs since 1998. Edu Alliance can help you increase enrollment,  improve your retention, and determine the success of new degree programs. We can assist in your planning, budgeting, and implementation to allow you to make the best decision for your institution, faculty, and students. We provide course assessment services for design and online excellence.

Workforce Education Solutions

Organizations are constantly changing, challenging employees to develop new skills in order to adapt to the evolving workforce. We will develop an action plan for your institution to establish or expand collaboration with industry partners to provide training for their current employees and to establish a relationship for internships and for hiring your graduates.

Student Success and Retention Strategy

Student success and retention is critical to any university. Edu Alliance will help you develop an effective plan to improve retention. Our analysis and solutions include: operational/strategic reviews of student services & retention functions, retention & dropout behavior analysis, course/curriculum enrollment analysis, and develop a predictive retention model.

Financial Sustainability

We will assist you in executing a financial plan for long and short-term financial health. Achieve optimal resource allocation with analyses, assessments, and strategy creation. We will focus on revenue optimization & net tuition revenue modeling, tuition pricing & structural alternatives, and budgeting methodology.[/one-half]

Executive Coaching

Edu Alliance offers a coaching program dedicated to higher education leaders. Your personal coach will be selected from a team of highly experienced higher education professionals who will work closely with you to bring about the outcomes you have identified.