About Us

Edu Alliance Group, Inc. (EAG) founded in 2014 is an advisory firm to colleges and universities. We are located in Bloomington, Indiana, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We assist higher education institutions worldwide on a variety of mission-critical projects. Our consultants are accomplished leaders who share the benefit of their experience to diagnose and solve challenges. We have provided consulting and executive search services for over 35 higher education institutions in Australia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.


We focus on providing support to educational institutions, government agencies, and investors. Our firm and its team of advisors have served as senior education organization officers and are experienced practitioners. We take a pragmatic, evidence-based approach rather than an abstract theoretical perspective.

In contrast to traditional Big 4 type of management consultants (which typically engage young business and finance graduates as full-time consultants), Edu Alliance consultants are all former or current accomplished university/college leaders. We share the benefit of their experience to diagnose and solve your challenges. Our consultants earn the respect and trust of our academic clients.  Edu Alliance strives to provide conclusions and recommendations that are honest, pragmatic, and straight forward for immediate implementation by the Client.


If your organization wants to know more how Edu Alliance can best serve you,  please contact either Dean Hoke in the United States or Dr. Senthil Nathan in the United Arab Emirates.