Executive Search

Executive Search

Quality educational leaders are never easy to identify, however, Edu Alliance is uniquely placed to assist in such a confidential executive search. All of our consultants have been senior university administrators and leaders. With the in-depth experience in recruiting Deans, VPs, Provost and Presidents from US / UK to the UAE in the past two decades, Edu Alliance principals have a proven track record and strong networks around the world to meet this major challenge.

Current Openings: Dean of Arts and Science

Search Process

Formulate a Leadership Profile: It is important to be able to assess and compare the leadership skills and competencies of candidates for the position being filled.

Develop Position Specification: Draft position specifications will be developed based on our discussions with key board members and Human Resources department.

Identify Qualified Candidates: A proactive search will begin to identify outstanding candidates who background meets Client requirements

  • Identify through Edu Alliance database potential candidates
  • Receiving letters of Nomination & Recommendations
  • If and when appropriate, advertise in targeted higher education publications

Interview & Assess Candidates to Define Strengths and Weaknesses: The most qualified candidates will be interviewed by Edu Alliance to obtain a realistic understanding of the accomplishments, capabilities and potential before presenting to the Search Committee.

Communications between Edu Alliance and the Search Committee: Will establish an agreed upon regular search schedule at the beginning of search.

Present & Interview Candidates: After initial screenings and interviews, Edu Alliance will present the appropriate materials – including Cvs and letters and best-qualified candidates. A series of interviews may occur (long list then short list). We will be responsible for communicating with candidates not moving forward in the process. Edu Alliance will have a person at each interview

Due Diligence and Reference Checking. Initial due diligence is conducted using public domain services. After finalist candidates are chosen we will check primary references as well as secondary references including the current employer.

Offer and Negotiation: After Client makes their final decision – we are willing and able to present the offer, explain it to the candidate and act as intermediary in the event of counter proposals – if required.

Follow Up: Recognizing the first year of the appointment is critical and the first 90 days can establish groundwork for success, we will speak with the appointee to see how the transition is going and assist in their transition.