Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Accreditation is essential for any higher education institution, but time and resource intensive for busy faculty and staff. It is also a factor in the school’s ranking. As any college and university administrator knows, the preparation and inspections puts a great deal of strain on an institution’s resources. That’s why many schools seek outside consultants to review or assist writing the initial reports.

Edu Alliance offers accreditation consulting services for higher education institutions including:

  •   Seeking or renewing US-based or international accreditation
  •   Program-specific accreditation’s that validate particular expertise
  •   Reviewing potential new or existing programs
  •   Faculty evaluation, faculty development, and institution management.

Our team of experts have served on accreditation teams for regional organizations both in the US and internationally. Edu Alliance provides independent professional review and support services to assure your institution’s programs meet accreditation standards.  Our team of advisers including Dr. Senthil Nathan, Dr. Barry Ryan and Tom Davisson have conducted reviews for institutions, academic programs, student affairs divisions, services, and external programs.

In addition to accreditation the national and international ranking of a school is becoming more and more important especially to international students and grant-makers. Companies such as Times Higher Education, QS, and US News produce annual reports on the top universities and programs worldwide and by program. Edu Alliance offers consulting services to help you improve your overall rankings – ratings not only worldwide but within your home country.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Consultants

Our partners and consultants are industry leaders and experts in the field with the skills to meet the wide range of needs identified by the institutions and corporations we support. For additional information contact



Tom Davisson

Partner North America

Phone – 502-553-9027


Dr. Senthil Nathan 

Managing Partner Middle East

Phone – +971 (0)50-613-0671