Strategic Planning Services

University Strategic Planning Services

Colleges and universities have been a mainstay of higher education in the United States for centuries.  In many cases, they were founded by religious groups and with a liberal arts focus. They reside throughout the United States, and many are located in small-town America, where they provide identity to the community, jobs, and graduates.  However, many of these schools are in the middle of a crisis where enrollment is falling, costs are soaring, and there is increasing public skepticism of whether their institution is needed. Edu Alliance has a genuine concern regarding the increasing struggle for economic stability of higher education institutions.

What Edu Alliance Can Do for Your Institution

Edu Alliance will assemble a specialized team tailored to your needs. These include:

  • National and International Enrollment review and recommendations
  • Marketing and Branding review and recommendations
  • Educational Technology Review and CIO support
  • Fund Raising and External Relations
  • Cost Analysis and Savings
  • Online Learning Program analysis and recommendations
  • New Program Expansion and Partnership Options
  • Need for a Merger, Acquisition, or Closure

The advisors assigned to your institution will depend on the specific issues you need assistance with and the nature of your goals. Edu Alliance will offer a team for a fixed number of sessions over a defined period of time.

 Options Include

Remote Consulting Sessions – This is the best option to address a singular issue that can be addressed remotely. Benefits include:

  • Access to subject matter expert
  • Remote sessions total (typically two sessions per month over a six-month period
  • Session recordings
  • E-mail follow-up in between sessions
  • Review of documents sent to subject matter expert and their comments

Onsite and Remote Consulting sessions – Best option to address multiple institutional issues. Benefits include:

  • Access to multiple subject matter experts
  • 1-day on campus pre-planning session
  • Remote sessions total (typically four sessions/month the 1st quarter, three sessions/month the 2nd quarter, two sessions/month the 3rd quarter, and one session/month the 4th quarter)
  • 1-day on campus wrap-up session
  • Follow-up in between sessions
  • Review of documents sent to subject matter expert and their comments

Retreat Sessions – Conducted on your site, the retreat will range from two to three days. Examples of Retreat Sessions are:

  • Fundamentals of leadership in higher education
  • Team Building
  • Strategies for developing New Academic programs
  • Managing Difficult Faculty
  • International Recruitment
  • Alumni Cultivation
  • Branding and Reputation
  • Strategies to Improve Your Rankings
  • Strategies for Developing and Implementing a Diversity Plan
  • Crisis Management Preparation
  • Retention Strategies

To further discuss and to assess if this program would be of benefit to you, please write or call a member of our team.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Consultants

Our partners and consultants are industry leaders and experts in the field with the skills to meet the wide range of needs identified by the institutions and corporations we support. For additional information contact

Dean Hoke

President North America

Phone – 502-257-1063


Tom Davisson

Partner North America

Phone – 502-553-9027